Marketers and Agencies are progressively focusing on what matters most: engagement. There’s nothing better than having your content shared.

As a realtor, there is no reason you shouldn’t follow this same practice.

Listed below are four tips and tricks to help make your content more shareable.

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1. Just ask.

If you have published something you’re proud of, ask people to share it!

When something has impact, you want to stretch that impact by asking.

You shouldn’t take the ask for granted, of course. Asking repeatedly for readers to share everything you publish could nullify the importance of anything.

2. Elicit an emotional response.

Want to get more shares? Get more people to care.

Social media is emotional media, and people tend to share pieces that strike them at gut level—things that make them inspired or shocked. Shareable content is emotional content.

Next, make your headline attention grabbing. Most people that are sharing your content most likely have not fully read your article.

3. Test different sharing widgets.

You may have sharing widgets enabled on your site. There are dozens on WordPress and third-party apps across the web. Have you tested to see how easy they are to use? Did you just use a default plugin that came with your site, or did you do the research?

You want to be careful with choosing some widgets. Some will slow down your site considerably; others will set cookies across every page to capture visitors’ information and monetize it; more still suffer from faulty share-counting algorithms.

Take some time to research various widgets, not only for yourself but also for your customers. You may find a few that achieve better results than others.

4. Write content worth sharing.

If you’re in the beginning stages of content marketing, the most fundamental rule is to create content that educates and attracts the right audience. Review your company goals and remember why your customers enjoy your product in the first place. Tap into that and use it to fuel your subject matter. Then keep going, and give it time. The shares will come.

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