Before explaining how to generate Real Estate Leads for New Agents in Seven Easy steps, Agent Elite would like to formally welcome you into the world of real estate! We know that it can be daunting getting your feet in the water, so without further ado, here are 7 steps to getting real Leads as a new agent.

Step 1) You need to understand the source of the best leads.

Your sphere of influence (SOI) is the best source for leads.  These are the people you have significant relationships with.  They know you; they like you, and they trust you. Relationships need to be nurtured to grow. If you make this a priority in your real estate business, you will generate referrals and repeat business which according to studies by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) account for 89% of all real estate transaction.

Step 2) Start with your SOI.

It is substantial to take the time to let your Sphere of Influence know that you have begun a new career as a real estate agent. People don’t know what they don’t know.  It is your job to inform them. Think of the people that know you, like you, and trust you. Think of your friends, your family, your barber, the postal carrier, former colleagues, anyone with whom you have established relationships and tell them. Listed below are social media platforms to help get you started on spreading the word.

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Step 3) New People, New Friends.

Your sphere of influence will naturally change over time.  People get added to your SOI, people leave your SOI, and your closeness to certain people ebbs and flows over time. To maintain and expand on the number of relationships you have, you need to be consistently developing your network.  You need to make it your mission if you want to get leads in real estate to meet new people.

Yes, you can meet people via social media, but if that is your only connection with them, it will not be a strong one. Face-to-face with people is what builds shared experiences and deeper relationships. Every day you should make it a practice to get out of the office, away from Facebook and the computer and meet new people.

Step 4) Add contacts to your CRM.

For a real estate agent, you are in the relationship business. The tool that helps you build and maintain relationships is a customer relationship management system (CRM).  When trying to maintain 200 plus relationships, a CRM is essential. It stores information about your contacts, their interests, the names of their children, marital status, the type of home they own, the kind of home they want to buy, what documents they have on file with you, and lots more.

It is recommended to enter new or current clients information in your CRM as soon as possible while all the information is still fresh on your mind.

Step 5) Create a plan for developing the relationships you have formed and stay top of mind.

You have been talking with your SOI, and you have met new people, you have a CRM with lots of names and data in it.  What do you do now?  That next step is creating a plan for building on the relationships you have formed and stay top of mind. The right mix of touch points is what will help.  The use of e-mails, text messages, phone calls, cards, notes, letters, blog posts, face-to-face time at a party, their home, or maybe a coffee shop are all potential parts of the solution. Share useful and valuable content with your contacts.

Step 6) Build the process and put it in a workflow.

The best way to put your plan into action is to make it a process. A process is nothing more than a series of steps, designed to achieve a specific goal that one does over and over.  Putting the process into a workflow will ensure that it can be automated and all activities get completed.

Workflows can be made up of blog posts, checklists, reminders and prompts.

Following a process or system is essential to getting your real estate business off the ground.  Workflows provide you with the automation to ensure that you stay on track.

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Step 7) Gratitude

When you start getting business from your contacts, whether they are buying and selling or just referring people to you, say “Thank You”. Doing this goes a long way towards building loyalty.

There are a multitude of reasons why customers choose whom they do business with today.  Value and being valued plays a big part in that decision.

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