Agent Elite is committed to seeing you succeed! Our #1 goal is helping you become more successful in your business. Simply providing you with a website is not enough, we strive to engage and educate all of our agents so that you can get the most out of your website.

Not only do we want to teach you how to use your website, we want to reward you!

AE Badges is a fun and exciting way to learn all about what your site can do.

What are AE Badges?
Badges are rewards for completing specific tasks or learning new concepts about the tools available to you through your website.

How Do I Earn AE Badges?
Badges are earned in a variety of ways. Some badges are earned simply by logging into your site, while others take a little more work. You will earn badges and points by engaging with your website. As your website grows you will receive badges for writing blog posts, utilizing marketing tools, attending webinars, and much more.

What Do I Get With My Points?
Points will be redeemable for a variety of swag once enough points are collected. Hold on to your points and save them for an ultimate prize of one free month on us!

Where Can I See My Progress?
You can view your current badges as well as progress by logging into the admin of your website. Once logged in, you can view recent badges earned, badges in progress, and badges that you can work toward.

Badges are a fun way to learn more about the tools available to you through your website. Utilizing these tools can help increase user engagement, lead capture, and marketing. Our success is directly related to how successful you and your business become while using our website services. If you succeed, we succeed!

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