Hello everybody, today we are showcasing some new features of the Agent Elite CRM! Give this a view, and do not miss out on all of these powerful tools available to only Agent Elite website holders!

Video Table of Contents
  • Dashboard:  Tracking, pipeline, lead activity – 0:09 
  • Lead List – 1:42
  • Lead columns customization & Filter – 2:18
  • View & Manage individual leads – 2:50
  • Activity, Subscriptions, Organizer, History – 3:40

Dashboard:  Tracking, pipeline, lead activity

The first thing you will see are a few percentages. 30-day tracking shows you your websites activity in the past 30 days. Percent subscribed is showing you how many of your leads are subscribed to your marketing automation emails.

Scroll down slightly and you will see your pipeline status, and where your leads are coming from.

Further down, we have metrics on the lead actions, how many listings are being viewed, and how many searches are being made on your website in the last 12 months. It also will predict how many you will get in the next month.

Lead Activity is a feed showing you exactly what viewers on your website are up to. More specifically, listings they’ve clicked from an email you sent, listings they may have viewed on your website, or any type of contact they may have made to you.

Back up top on the right hand side of the dashboard page, there is an “action center”, which gives you a brief amount of important information that you most likely would be looking for. Such as what leads you need to contact.

The dates section shows if you have any upcoming birthdays, or transaction anniversaries coming up. This is a great way to stay in touch with old clients.

An example would be:

“Good morning Karen, it has now been a year since you moved into your home, I hope everything is still going excellent for you!”

This keeps you in the back of your client’s head for if and when they ever decide to move again.

On top of this, you can also set tasks for yourself as well,.

Lead List

This puts all of the leads you have in your CRM into one place. Allowing you to adjust the columns, filter the leads, or select an individual person.

To the right, just above your leads list, you can adjust what columns you want to be shown.

Above this in a big button, you can select filter, to select only the leads that fit a certain specified criteria.

View & Manage individual leads

To view an individual lead, you can simply click on that person’s name to be brought to their page. The best part of this page is that it shows you exactly where you are at with this lead.

  • Have you contacted them yet?
  • Have you already closed a deal with them at some point?
  • Have they shown no interest at all?

On the left hand side, you can see the client contact information, which you can also edit. This is where you can change any of their information, including important dates, like the transaction anniversary mentioned previously.

If you want to favorite a certain lead, you can “star” them in the top right corner.

Going to the middle, you can view their activity. This shows exactly what this individual person was doing on your website, and when they were doing it. If they are consistently looking at properties for 400-500k in San Diego, then you know exactly how to help them!

Subscriptions, organizer, and history are the same as before, but instead of showing the information for all leads, it is showing for only the one you are viewing.

To add an agent to a saved search, you can go to the property organizer tab and click “add new.” The client also has the power to add themselves to a saved search via your website.

History is an excellent place to write notes about that client, such as:

“Called on 1/24, no answer, left voicemail.”

That should cover it for the Agent CRM, stay tuned for next time!


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