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As seen from above, depending on which search is selected a new background image is shown.

Pismo is our latest addition to the Agent Elite Themes. We looked and tested several different sites to see what was efficient, stylish, and powerful.

Pismo is heavily influenced by the Zillow website. The Zillow site allows the user to search based on their personal interest such as buying, renting, or selling, right from the start.

So using ihomefinder we were able to manipulate their property search and use it to our advantage. Since ihomefinder provides several searches we enabled the user the ability to adjust each category in the customizer. We also allowed the user to choose which buttons appear. Like Zillow the background will adjust to whichever search is selected.

If the client does not have idx with us we still allow them to create their own form with custom buttons, titles and images.

contact_popupAbove the search we have a contact pop-up which only opens on the home page.

For secondary pages it is hidden until you hit the user icon in the menu. It provides simple information like their name, number etc.

Featured Listing Slider

Below the contact bar is where the featured listings are located. We’ve updated the listings for this theme to be a continuous slider. The slider also has customizer options for your control.

You can adjust the colors, remove titles, adjust speeds and more. We have developed this so the user has total control over the theme.

Post Roundup!

  • New look with a different feel for searches
  • Toggle of background with search buttons
  • Featured Listing Carousel
  • Full control of theme using the customizer
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