He has 2 websites with us because he covers 2 cities in Texas; Austin and Amarillo. Amarillo is a new market for him and just breaking into it. So first thing we did for Amarillo was create a Facebook business page for him. He does not have any followers on his business page at this point. During a coaching session he posted a “What’s My Home Worth” page to his Facebook business page (Step 1). He was excited because we finished that process in 60 seconds. I explained to him there is 1 more step that will make a world of difference. Step 2 he went to his business Facebook page then shared it to his personal page. That’s it! He never would have ever thought to share his post anywhere other than his business page.

Within a few days he got a phone call from an old friend who he has known his entire life, but the person did not know he worked in Amarillo because they are both from Austin. They found out he worked in the area because of the 1 Facebook post we did.

He ended up getting 2 new listings in the process! The moral of this story was not the posting to Facebook, it’s posting the way that we taught him which involved 1 extra step that he didn’t even know he could do.

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