The Power of Intention

Have you ever sent a text that you thought was very innocent, even friendly, and found yourself in the middle of a massive misunderstanding? As our lives and conversations become ever more filtered by the written word, tone and intonation, and most of all intent, become harder and harder to convey. First email, and now text, has created a barrier to communication that we seek to bridge with the use of extensive emojis, sideways smiley faces, and the liberal application of exclamation marks to ensure that the reader knows we’re friendly! The intent behind words matters. And so it goes

The Death of SEO

“Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” –Mark Twain (and also SEO, probably) When you got into real estate, you probably had visions of beautiful homes, beaming clients, and huge commission checks dancing in your head, right? You probably didn’t think that you would end up having to learn quite so much about websites, content marketing, and, most mysteriously, SEO. SEO, or search engine optimization, is the magic key to getting all of the beautifully crafted content out into the world and in front of the eyes of potential customers. And by the time you found out about SEO, and

How do you nurture your Sphere?

Building a great real estate company is a marathon, not a sprint. Taking great care of current clients in order to generate referrals takes time. Nurturing new leads takes time. Warming up cold leads takes time. And all of that relationship building adds up in terms of both time and money. One of the most valuable parts of your marketing plan also takes time: list building. If you are marketing your services, you need a great list to market to. And with all of the technology available to you today, this is not your old Sphere of Influence list that

Use Market Boost to Focus on Client Benefits

Why did you get into real estate? To help Buyers find their dream homes? To help Sellers prepare their house for sale, then get top-dollar for that sale? Perhaps you are more focused on a niche like vacation homes or luxury homes. Maybe you are an expert in foreclosures and short sales and know how to help those clients in a tough situation. Or maybe you have a military background and became a Military Relocation Specialist so that you could serve active-duty military, veterans, and their families. Whatever your reason, much of building your business has come down to finding

What questions should you ask yourself in order to begin or refine your marketing plan?

Remember when marketing for a real estate agent conjured visions of shopping cart ads, bus benches, and, if you were really a big wheel, billboards? When a good flier and a really nice business card could get you a long way? For many real estate agents and brokers, marketing can feel like an endless cycle of chasing the new “latest and greatest” marketing ideas. After all, you probably got into real estate because you love people and you love homes, not because you wanted to spend all of your time researching demographics, new technologies, and current techniques, not to mention