What good is a website if nobody sees it?

Have you ever heard the philosophical question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there’s nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound?” People have debated this question for centuries, but here’ a better question for all of you Real Estate Agents and Brokers out there: “If you have a gorgeous, professionally designed website and no one ever clicks on it, do you sell any houses?” That’s a simple one. The answer is “No.” So what do you do if you have a beautifully designed website and need to ensure that people are actually clicking on it?

What does a Real Estate Agent need to build a business in today’s market?

If you are trying to build a real estate business, you may have read one of the popular how-to books that purport to tell you how to create your business and be a success. And you may have been surprised (and a little appalled) to see the advice in those pages. Most of the authors sound like they are straight out of the age of gold blazers and glamour shots. Cold Call: block out three hours a day to call strangers and ask them if they might want to sell their home. Or better yet, call all of your friends

Text Notifications Are Here!

Email + Text Notifications You can now receive text notifications when leads take the following actions on your website: Listing “More Info” request Contact request Showing request Valuation request When enabled, these messages are sent in addition to the email notifications already sent by your account for these events. Access Lead History Instantly Each message includes a link to your lead management system where you can access all of the lead’s activity since their first visit. How to Enable Text Messages Log into your Control Panel | Learn how > Go to SETUP > Alert & Email Settings > Basic

Boost Your Credibility with Our Full Featured Review System

Online reviews carry a special weight when a potential customer is reviewing your service or product. They are immediately available to your customers to read on your website as they search the internet for the right agent and can create a positive expectation before they even reach out to you. Features of the Review System Our new review system makes it easy for your customers to leave glowing reviews of your services. With the click of a button, a customer can  quickly and easily leave a review. 1. Easy 5 star reviews 2. The service offered can be specified 3.

Agent Elite’s Latest Theme: Pismo

Search Toggle As seen from above, depending on which search is selected a new background image is shown. Pismo is our latest addition to the Agent Elite Themes. We looked and tested several different sites to see what was efficient, stylish, and powerful. Pismo is heavily influenced by the Zillow website. The Zillow site allows the user to search based on their personal interest such as buying, renting, or selling, right from the start. So using ihomefinder we were able to manipulate their property search and use it to our advantage. Since ihomefinder provides several searches we enabled the user