New Automatic Lead Email Alerts Related to their Searches

We’ve been hard at work adding a bunch of new features to Email Alerts which we think you and your clients are going to love! Email Alerts (of quality) are a huge way to stay in touch with your lead database and stay in front of them. We help you do that without lifting a finger! Now you have the ability to have our system automatically send your lead database their individual emails alerts on the areas and criteria they are interested in. This is a huge feature and a great way to really help your clients find the homes

IDX Website Performance Improvements. Grid View & Email Alert Redesign.

We’re pleased to announce our IDX partner iHomefinder is faster than ever! Performance improvements released this month resulted in noticeably faster load times on responsive Optima Express, Optima IDX and OmniPress pages, including search, results & property details! Couple that with our WordPress platform and H&H is blowing past your expectations at lightning speed! (too cheesy?) GRID VIEW This new setting will make it easy to display a site’s results, saved search pages & featured listings in a responsive grid. It is available to all our clients on our responsive WordPress IDX platform! EMAIL ALERT REDESIGN – COMING SOON! In