Mike B. – San Antonio, Texas Realtor – Coaching Success Story

Mike is a great student and loves the coaching that we provide for free. It is something special that happens when you listen and then act on your teachings. We know Mike will have continued success and we feel honored that he is with us and getting great results from it. Thanks Mike!

Marianne W. – Florida Realtor – Coaching Success Story

Marianne has been a perfect client for us. She’s engaged, listens intently, and takes action. Running a new website for your business can be a tough task but she has accepted the challenge continues to grow. What a year 2017 was! We can’t wait to see the mountains Marianne climbs in 2018! Here’s to your continued success!

Lori O. – Texas Realtor – Automatic Listing Emails Success

When she came on board she had never had any previous success with a website ever. Now she is on our AE Network. In her 1st month she had 3-4 people sign up as leads. She called every one of them, none of them answered. 2nd month she got 3-4 more leads and no one answered. She was a little frustrated at this point because no one was answering. I advised her to use LISTINGS ALERTS and set up those leads on automatic searches to receive all new listings based on what the searched. She was very hesitant because most

Bob L. – Texas Realtor – Seller Success Story

He has 2 websites with us because he covers 2 cities in Texas; Austin and Amarillo. Amarillo is a new market for him and just breaking into it. So first thing we did for Amarillo was create a Facebook business page for him. He does not have any followers on his business page at this point. During a coaching session he posted a “What’s My Home Worth” page to his Facebook business page (Step 1). He was excited because we finished that process in 60 seconds. I explained to him there is 1 more step that will make a world