Marianne W. – Florida Realtor – Coaching Success Story

Marianne has been a perfect client for us. She’s engaged, listens intently, and takes action. Running a new website for your business can be a tough task but she has accepted the challenge continues to grow. What a year 2017 was! We can’t wait to see the mountains Marianne climbs in 2018! Here’s to your continued success!

Bob L. – Texas Realtor – Seller Success Story

He has 2 websites with us because he covers 2 cities in Texas; Austin and Amarillo. Amarillo is a new market for him and just breaking into it. So first thing we did for Amarillo was create a Facebook business page for him. He does not have any followers on his business page at this point. During a coaching session he posted a “What’s My Home Worth” page to his Facebook business page (Step 1). He was excited because we finished that process in 60 seconds. I explained to him there is 1 more step that will make a world