As everyone is taking more precautions and avoiding unnecessary public contact, it’s important that your marketing strategies adjust during this time. This does not mean that you put your business on hold. Actually, you need to do the opposite, especially being a Real Estate Agent, you need to invest your time into more online marketing efforts. If we’ve learned anything from history, the economic activity took a hit; however, it bounced back quickly once the epidemic was over.

In the Real Estate world, how you market your business through this difficult time will separate you from the rest. Many sources are telling everyone to cut back on marketing and pause business. It’s important to remember that marketing never stops. Even when a pandemic like this seems to be consuming everyone’s attention, you still have to get your message out.

As concerns have heightened during the last week, you have to understand the changing needs of your consumers and adapt the way you interact with them. Sellers are pulling back on wanting open houses, so take this opportunity to film a few videos to share with clients and prospects. This is a very engaging way to remain top of mind.

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With more people working remotely and taking the precautions to stay indoors, online learning and online searches are increasing. Now more than ever, you need to step up your digital marketing efforts. In difficult times, communicating effectively and efficiently is going to be vital to maintaining your client relationships. With the entire population on the internet, real estate digital marketing is the only logical next step. Here are alternative strategies to help:

  • Promote and preview listings by recording videos or virtual tours to increase property exposure.
  • Schedule private in-home tours instead of group open houses.
  • Use the additional time to publish more blog posts about your local area.
  • Use FaceTime and Video Chats to meet your clients.

It’s important to publish everything directly on your website and then post the links to your social media platforms. By doing so, you will drive repeat traffic back to your website and increase visitor length of stay. Which are critical factors search engines, like Google, take into account when increasing a website’s rank.

Consider the long-term effect if you cut marketing costs within your business. You’ll lose your advantage. The relationships you’ve carefully built will only take you so far. Some companies will accept a smarter approach as they see competitors cutting back on expenses and marketing. They will do the opposite and ramp up their marketing efforts. When things get back to normal, they will be in a better position to keep the clients they have, both old and new.

Mitigate the impacts on your business by staying ahead of the competition. Remain consistent to maintain an edge in the market, which will only increase your opportunity to close more transactions.


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