Below Elite Informer reviews three categories you should focus on to drive the most traffic to your real estate website.

1. Website Design

You need a website that “pops.” The one way to get this is to use a design company that specializes in real estate websites. In this way, you get a sleek, modern design that is unique, that honors user needs for speed and ease of navigation, and that generally gives buyers and sellers a great experience.

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2. Content and SEO

Having valuable content on your website and blog will give you a greater chance for buyers and sellers finding your site.

You should create real estate content on your site and your blog that is:

  • Relevant
  • Current
  • Unique
  • Keyword-rich content
  • On topics that visitors will find engaging, informative, and entertaining
  • It must a be related to the local market

Here are some tips to do just that: 

Use Keyword Research Tools: There are any number of tools you can use to find real estate keywords. Google Adwords is a great source, along with sites like Moz, Google Correlate, and more. Many are free, and several will allow you to put keywords together to get long-tail phrases that are now more commonly used by searchers.

Find the Most Trending Topics in Real Estate: This is another key part of being found by searchers. The content you produce has to be popular, has to address issues, questions, and problems that buyers and sellers face.

Use Wider, Relevant Content: What is newsworthy in real estate? What are current and forecasted interest rates? How much are homes expected to appreciate in value over the next five and ten years? How can people get their homes paid off before retirement?

Post Content Often: Website SEO is all about frequent new and unique content. By posting regularly you are giving yourself the opportunity to connect with past and future clients.

3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media is something we have definitely talked about before, and it’s something that is very important. If you’re not on social media, you need to be. Social media marketing can be highly effective! Here are some tips to ensure that you maximize your potential.

Pick Your Platforms

Facebook and Instagram are good places to start to reach a wide audience. And some agents have even found that using Pinterest, with cool photos of exteriors and interiors of home have been somewhat effective.

Use Twitter to promote your listings

You will have to focus on volume of Tweets if you are to gain a following. This is also a good place to give short snippets of tips on such things as moving or staging a home for sale. You can also use Twitter to connect with local business owners and become more well-known in your community.

Utilize LinkedIn to connect with other professionals

  • Interior decorators
  • Outside landscapers
  • Banks
  • Investors

Making a name for yourself in the online world is the key for growing your business!

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