The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

Facebook is an excellent resource for keeping in touch with your existing sphere of clients. It can only help you both plug into a large audience of new prospects, and nurture your existing leads. Facebook has a whopping 1.56 billion daily active users as of May 2019. Chances are, you probably already have a personal Facebook page. Now creating a business page can seem a bit nerve-wracking, but it’s actually very easy to create one! As of 2019, the social media giant has more than 80 million small and medium sized business pages. Being free, it would be a mistake to not utilize this platform. It holds a ton of potential to reach your intended audience, when executed correctly of course.

Start with the basics

Here is a simple tutorial directly from Facebook on how to set up your business page. You can also click here to begin setting it up yourself. At this point, you will need a few things to get started. You will obviously want to operate this as a Business, not just yourself, so choose something along the lines of: Anita Sayle Real Estate or Chad Oliver Newport Beach Realty

Set up your entire profile

Facebook allows you to fill out just about everything there is to know about your business. This makes your audience feel like they really know what they are stepping in to. It gives them the impression that they are already familiar with you and your business. Make sure you take the time to fill out everything you can as accurately as possible. Also take the time to add your page to your favorites so it can be easily accessed from your personal page’s sidebar. Make sure that you add a nice description for your business, as well as your website address. Keywords in your company’s description are pulled in from search engine’s, so choose wording that will be a good fit.

Dress it up

A profile picture on your business page is MANDATORY. This is the first impression for page visitors so make of you. A nice professional portrait or with maybe your logo/brokerage as a watermark works really well, or simply just one or the other. Make sure you choose something easily recognizable. If you’re the icon, be the icon. A cover photo isn’t mandatory by Facebook’s rules either, but it should be. This is the large photo you see on top of some profile pages. Some agents upload a photo they already have from a house they’ve listed. You can also have a professional create a nice looking cover photo that is unique to you


Facebook is really only useful, if people are actually going to it. Many businesses run campaigns to start building up Facebook fans, so they can attract relevant traffic and engagement on their page. Feature anything from sales, or cool homes you are listing and viewing. You can also use Facebook’s sharing feature to easily share relevant content to your page. A great option for getting started is to send out a link to your page to your existing client base, friends and family, and ask them to “Like” your page or even write you a positive review.

Target your page

The ideal Facebook business page will pull in customers who will want to use you as an agent. Facebook Audience Insights is a data-capturing tool that will give you valuable information on your visitors’ engagement levels. As well as other stats that help you appeal to the appropriate audience.

Always stay fresh in the clients mind

 As you’ve probably discovered in running your business, a call to action can motivate customers to use you, and keep you fresh in their heads. This works exceptionally well on Facebook, which offers different buttons such as ‘Learn More’ or ‘Call now’. Try adding one or more of these buttons to the top of your page. Ultimately, there isn’t a better return on the effort you invest in building a Facebook page than the sales you make as a result. Utilize this FREE platform! It would be foolish not too! We’d be happy to help you!

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