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Today we have a quick tutorial video continuing on from last week. This is on how you can set up Featured Communities from the markets you previously created on your Agent Elite website!


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Featured Communities

The first step,  is to pull up your Agent Elite website and access the dashboard (back end) of your website. An easy way to reach the dashboard is by going to “insertyoursitehere.com/wp-admin” without quotes. Also by clicking the Login/Visit Backend link on the bottom of your website.


Once you’ve arrived on the dashboard page, go to the hover menu at the top and select communities.

This will bring you to all of the communities that have already been set up on your Agent Elite website.

You’re now going to want to create a new community by clicking Add New Community.

You can now configure this page to your liking.

Starting at the top we are going to name the community:

La Jolla

Keep in mind that this does not change the name that shows on the front of your page, UNLESS you check the box that says

“Check this if you want to use the title above instead of: City, State.”

That box is good for when you want to set a custom name for a community, such as a neighborhood or New Construction area

Now enter the name of the community, and select the state. This is what shows on the homepage. You can enter the zip code if you like, but it is not mandatory.

Now select the hotsheet that you want to use for this.

Last week we created La Jolla CA Homes for Sale, so we selected that one.

The final step will be to add a featured image. We’ve included many different stock photos that you are able to use in the Media Library of your website, otherwise if you have a photo that you would like to use, than go ahead and add that particular photo.

After you have set a photo, go ahead and publish this community. It will now act as a shortcut to that market hot sheet, La Jolla CA Homes for Sale.

That’s it!

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