How to Use Automation to Maximize Your Marketing, Efficiency, and Productivity: Tips for Real Estate Agents

Automation To Maximize
Real estate marketing automation

Real estate is the most effort-consuming industry as it involves many processes: documentation, property management, lead generation, and client management.

Real estate agents must complete all these tasks simultaneously, which is considerably challenging. Well, it is possible if you have more people on your team. However, manual work becomes even more difficult if your business grows and your account profile increases in size. 

So, what’s the solution? 

Real estate marketing automation is the answer. Yes, automating your business can make your life a bit easier and enable you to maximize your marketing, efficiency, and productivity.

Various real estate automation tools help you focus on valuable tasks to scale your business. Here is our guide to help you get started with real estate automation and achieve your desired results. 

What is Real Estate Automation?

Automation is a way of reducing manual work and putting tasks on autopilot with the tools. It could be feeding data, sending emails, documentation, automated follow-up, notifications, tracking transactions, finance management, or assigning tasks to the team.  

Real estate automation helps reduce workload and take your business operation from good to great.

Only 61% of real estate agents use tech tools to automate daily tasks. Team management and system automation tools are the most widely used.

35% of real estate agents are evaluating or assessing the automation for their processes. 

The reasons others give for not jumping on the bandwagon are the high cost and lack of tech talent.

Change is hard but switching to marketing automation has several benefits.

Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Automation 

Eliminate human errors

When your business reaches a point where the workload is high and dynamic, hiring new staff cannot tackle the problem. It is also not a great idea to overload the existing employees with more work. When your team has more tasks than they can handle, it increases the chances of human error deteriorating your workflow. 

Boost efficiency and effectiveness 

Real estate automation speeds up the processes and reduces your team’s workload. Automating manual tasks like documentation or listing submissions allows the agents to focus on core tasks like client meetings and closing more deals

Automation is about speeding up the processes and lead generation, making the team’s job easier to focus on improving something that the code can’t. 

Improves your business control

As a business grows, tracking your team’s work becomes challenging. Who is doing what task, and which is free to take up the urgent task? Automating real-estate processes enables you to manage the team’s workload, see their calendars, and assign tasks accordingly.

Reduce operational costs

Real estate agents can significantly reduce costs by replacing full-scale processes with an integrated third-party tool. A manual routine can be overwhelming. It takes valuable time to develop creative ideas for business growth.  

So, take the load off your team by automating the routine tasks. 

How to Get Started with Real Estate Automation

Marketing automation for real estate processes does not have to feel like solving a Rubik’s cube. When you have the right tools, it is easy. Start with:

  • Segmenting leads to buyers and sellers.
  • Create a high-converting landing page to capture every lead that clicks your ad.
  • Set up a sales platform for all new leads to trigger an automated marketing campaign. 

The Processes that You Can Automate

Lead Generation 

Client communication is the key to a successful real estate practice. Most successful real estate agents have a talent for it but can’t keep up with requests. The rush for good houses is fast. Therefore when potential clients do not get an instant reply to queries, they contact your competitors.

You do not what this to happen, so automate your lead generation through CRM software. Link your real estate website forms or landing page to your CRM and capture new leads. It optimizes the operations and frees up time for you to focus on building relationships and closing deals faster. 

Automating your marketing processes helps you:

  • Keep track of all information regarding your leads in one place.
  • Segment your leads in different lists. 
  • Develop a personal relationship and keep track of all interactions.
  • Respond to messages automatically and gain more leads.

Automate Your Follow Up

As a busy agent, you may have several different platforms where you are aggressively pursuing leads and building relationships with potential buyers and sellers.  Keeping up with all of them can be a challenge, and it leaves room for error if you get burned out or even worse, if you are letting leads slip through the cracks because you can’t keep up with them!  

Luckily for you, you can systemize and use incredible tools to automate your follow-up and increase your efficiency with lead generation and conversion.

Want to learn more about implementing a rock star automated follow-up system?  Schedule a free strategy session with our team here!

Automate Real Estate Property Management

For real estate agents, managing properties is a high-stress task. It entails checking various properties, staying on top of maintenance, constant communication with clients, and coordinating with project managers. You cannot manage all these tasks without automation. Use a unified property database to help reduce your workload. 

These are the benefits of such a database:

  • All information about the properties is organized in one place to help you find them easily.
  • Agents can access colleagues’ offers and provide them to clients if there isn’t a property that matches the request.
  • The system will make new offers to agents according to its statistics. You can track the status of current offers.

Automate Accounting and Financial Management

Tracking transactions, maintaining accounting records, and filling financial statements are a few tasks a relator must complete. However, keeping control of manual processes is not easy. Filling paper forms or sorting through invoices is the last thing you want to do. 

Using a centralized system is beneficial to relieve yourself of all these manual tasks. In addition, it helps you track, renew, and control the payment process. You can also easily track submitted payment requests and send them for approval. 

Convenient Customer Journey 

Automating your real estate business should not be a burden. Instead, it should improve the user experience. 

The benefits automation offers to your users:

  • Provide a personal account with the ability to make a wish list. 
  • Smart filters and searches are available. 
  • Virtual room tours and 360 views are also available. 
  • Clients can view the availability of room tour slots on a calendar. 
  • Offer real-time communication with real estate agents.


Automating real estate tasks is an excellent way to scale your business. Marketing, team, sales, or property management are just a few real estate tasks that you can automate to make your business more successful. Automate your real estate business operations that take too much time or resources and enhance marketing, productivity, and efficiency. 

Want to learn more about how to automate your marketing? Schedule a strategy session with Agent Elite today. We also offer real estate coaching and real estate training for automating your business. 

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