Extend the value of our services and gain a competitive edge with integrations

Here’s a sampling of how you can start working smarter today:

  • Enrich CRM records with lead intelligence gathered on IDX websites
  • Create listing email alerts and Market Reports and add subscribers
  • Trigger tasks and workflows in your CRM using IDX data and lead activity
  • Automate client account creation

Forward Your Leads

Leads acquired through our IDX are easily forwarded to many third-party systems.

When new leads register through your Agent Elite website, they may be forwarded to external services that offer additional lead management features.

100% Fully Integrated CRMs with Agent Elite

Forwarding Leads By Email

If you use a lead management service that can accept leads via email parsing, the service will provide you with an email address to enter in your IDX Control Panel (IDX Panel -> Setup -> Email Advanced Routing). This will send the name and contact information of new leads to the external service whenever new leads register through your website.

Here are some services that can accept leads via email parsing:

  • FiveStreet
  • Follow Up Boss
  • IXACT Contact
  • RealtyJuggler

Lead Forwarding Service

Another option is our Lead Forwarding Service which is built into all accounts. This passes XML POST data to an external system that supports this data exchange.
External systems that support the Lead Forwarding Service currently include:

  • Salesboom
  • Top Producer
  • Realtiva
  • iMaxCRM

If you use these services, please contact [email protected] to enable the Lead Forwarding Service in your account.