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Hello everyone!
Today we have AE Josh giving a detailed tutorial on how to set up Listing Alerts for the leads that come in to your website!

Setting Up Listing Alerts for Clients

The first step would be to pull up your Agent Elite website and access the dashboard (back end) of your website. An easy way to reach the dashboard is by going to “” without quotes or by clicking the Login/Visit Backend link on the bottom of your website.

Once you’ve arrived on the dashboard page, you are going to want to click the my leads icon in the center of the page

OR click the MLS portal in the top left of the hover menu at the top of the page.

This should bring you to the Elite Portal.

It defaults to your latest activity, showing your most recent leads at the top.

On the left hand side of the page, click the link that says Manage Leads and then Search Leads.

Go ahead and pick a lead to view, we selected the most recent one this agent had received.

This brings you to this person’s info, and what they did while on your website. In this case they filled out a basic contact form but did not leave a specific message.

Below that in the next dropdown Recent Searches you can see what areas this person was looking at. In this case the person made five searches.

The next menu below that will show the Recently Viewed Listings.

We can see that the person viewed three listings that were located in the area that was previously searched.

Now we’re going to use that information to create a search for this person to receive listings via email.

Scroll up to the top, right click Add basic search and open it up in a new tab or window.

(Add advanced search can be also be used if you get more specific features that the person is looking for, which is typically after speaking directly with that person.)

You can start by typing in the area that this person was looking for, and then selecting it. In our case it was Mission Valley & San Diego.

Look at the values of the properties that the lead looked at, and set up a minimum and maximum price accordingly. We suggest going a little lower and a little higher so the results are not too limited.

Select the bed and bath amount that you think this person is interested in. You can also set a range for square feet as well.

Scroll down and you can adjust if you want email updates from this search, as well as what days you want the person to receive email updates about this search.

The final part would be Custom Greeting on Subscriber Emails.

This is a great way to make the emails feel more personal as opposed to just a standard email.

An example would be:


Hi Bill,

Here are some listings that might interest you. Please give me a call when you see something you like or if your search needs to be updated. I look forward to speaking with you!


Than right below that message box, click save that search.

Now you will notice that there are two more dropdown menus on that page we were previously on. Email Update Activity and Saved Searches.

Email Update Activity is going to track the days that this person was sent listings, and it was also show if they have clicked any specific listings at a specific time of day.

Saved Searches, is going to show you exactly what search that person is set up on.

It’s as easy as that!

Reach out to us on social media or email us at if you have any questions.

Stay Tuned for next week!

– AE Nick


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