Happy Tuesday everyone! We’re back with another episode of our #TrafficIsKey series, and this week we have our COO and Co-Founder, Nick Reis, talking with our Marketing & Media Director Nick Ossey, talking about Offline Marketing, and specifically WHY it’s not dead. #WeAreElite


The best strategies for offline marketing are always going to vary. Although, there are some key ideas that have proven to be successful for many agents in tons of different areas. Offline marketing can be a very cost effective way to increase your leads. By expanding your marketing efforts, you can ensure you reach a broader audience. The following ideas should serve as a jumping-off point for your future real estate marketing campaigns:

  • Mail
  • Networking
  • Creative Strategies
  • Give Back to Your Community


Direct mail is one of the most common offline real estate marketing strategies, and rightfully so. It has proven, time and time again, it can generate leads and increase the marketing presence of real estate investors. It is often cost effective and can be a great way to reach new audiences. Direct mail can also be a good long-term strategy for investors looking to generate leads over time. When strategizing a particular direct mail campaign, identify target areas and the best ways to reach them. Direct mail campaigns can involve anything from handwritten letters to postcards–it all depends on the intended audience. Additionally, identify which types of leads you are attempting to contact and where to find them. It is a good idea to research property types and the owners you aim to reach.


Real estate investors should be prepared to make their business goals and contact information known to anyone around them. Simply introduce yourself and your investing niche to anyone you meet. This includes family or friends who may not even work within the real estate industry. Through word-of-mouth marketing, investors may find themselves being approached by friends of friends or members of the community with new business opportunities. This approach is also entirely free, investors simply need to reach out to those around them.

Networking is crucial to any real estate investment business, but particularly to offline marketing efforts. Investors should attend networking events and have a strong pitch prepared for when they intend to increase their exposure. Additionally, the use of creative or unique business cards can give investors an edge when it comes to networking. Business cards should be consistent with your organization’s brand and let potential connections know how to get in touch. By building a network and handing out business cards, you can increase the number of people you know in your field and get your name–and contact information–out there.

Come Up with Creative Strategies

There are numerous creative offline marketing ideas out there that can spread awareness about investing businesses. A great place to start is by ensuring all of your business materials remain on brand, meaning they feature a consistent message and theme. By streamlining business materials, investors can ensure they are prepared for a number of offline marketing strategies. For example, investors may find success by participating in trade shows. These events will often feature key players in the real estate industry within a given area, and serve as an opportunity to raise business awareness.

Give Back to Your Community

As real estate investors gain success, it can be a great idea to look into ways to give back. In addition to making a positive impact on the community, investors can also boost their business awareness by interacting with local schools or charities. Investors may want to look into sponsoring a community event, such as a local marathon or high school fundraiser. Typically, donors will be allowed to distribute pamphlets or business cards, and event materials will feature business information; all of which can help investors establish a positive brand within the community and potentially open new connections. Giving back to the community is a great idea on its own, but it could get your name out there in the process.


Marketing is a crucial aspect of any real estate investment business, with the potential to help investors increase lead generation and brand awareness. When it comes to specific strategies, finding a balance of online vs offline marketing strategies will ensure your efforts reach a variety of audiences. Keep in mind to establish a system for tracking offline marketing campaigns to maximize your efforts. Through careful research and evaluation, you can help ensure the success of any marketing campaign.

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