More info on Blogging – Organic SEO for Home Buyers?

Today we have a quick tutorial covering how you can blog and target buyers. If you missed last week’s tutorial on targeting buyers, then click here to check it out!

Blogging – Organic SEO for Home Buyers

The first step,  Pull up your Agent Elite website and access the dashboard (back end) of your website. An easy way to reach the dashboard is by going to “” without quotes. Also by clicking the Login/Visit Backend link on the bottom of your website.

Once you’ve arrived on the dashboard page, you are going to want to hover over the menu and select the blog button.

Alternatively you could simply click the New Post button in the center of the dashboard page.

Go ahead and start a new post.

The first part is going to be the title. For buyers, we typically recommend something along the lines of:

Homes for Sale in San Diego, California

In the body, it is best to keep things simple. We would recommend something like:

Interested in buying a home in San Diego? View the listings below and call me to schedule a private showing!

Then below that line you’re going to want to add that form. Click the little black house button titled Optima Express Shortcode in the toolbar above the text box.


A window should pop up, you’re going to want to click on listing gallery. Then select search from the drop down menu.

From there you’re going to select the city you want to target, the property type. You can also fill out any other options to narrow the results. If you leave them blank, all results will show.

Once you scroll down there will be more options, sort will allow you to pick the way you want the results to show, we recommend listing date. That will show the newest listings at the top.

Once you are finished configuring you can click insert.

Like last weeks tutorial, you are now going to want to set a featured image.

Go ahead and select one of the stock photos already in the site. Alternatively you can upload a photo that you have the rights to use. In this case we’re just going to use a stock photo.

After you’re satisfied with how it looks, you can click Publish. 

After the page loads, click View Post

One nice feature about this list is that it is constantly updating and pulling data from the MLS, so nothing will be outdated!

That’s all we have for you this week.

Thank you for checking out our latest tutorial.

Reach out to us on social media or email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

Stay Tuned for next week!

– AE Nick


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