5 star review  I received a follow up call to see how things were going with my Agent Elite website. I had some questions and needed help with Facebook Alex was able to resolve my issues right there while on the phone. Great customer service and website design. He explained in a way I understood.

    thumb Brad Hogan

    5 star review  With Agent Elite miracles can happen. After Alex coached me through my first FaceBook session, I received a call from a high school friend of mine and wound up with two (2) listings, BAM!

    thumb Bob Liston

    5 star review  Agent Elite delivers a powerful, full website. It has been great working with Josh Coria to get the site up and going; he gives top notch service! Josh is very responsive, extremely knowledgeable and always taking the time to ensure I understand how to properly utilize various features of the website. Initially I was with a different company, but found that Agent Elite is far superior at a more competitive price with features that actually work with driving in leads. Not to say you don't have to put in some effort, I’ve seen the best results by occasionally setting up simple blogs and posting to social media sites including Facebook. I have received a few decent leads and although still working to close the first deal with them, I definitely see a lot of potential. With the other company I was with for about 6 months I didn't get a single lead. Plus, Agent Elite's website is an excellent way to establish credibility with useful search tools clients can use. I highly recommend giving Agent Elite a try, they are the real deal.

    thumb Chris Lynn

    4 star review  I like that Agent Elite brings me 1 to 3 leads a week. This is the most ROI to date.

    thumb Manuel Fernandez

    5 star review  I love our new website, and this company has been great to work with! Agent Elite's team works overtime to instruct and to insure our satisfaction. I'm so glad we found Agent Elite, and we expect our business to grow as we work together!

    thumb Susi Mitchell

    5 star review  I shopped around prior to switching website companies, there are so many to choose from! I am extremely impressed with Agent Elite's customer service and dedication to my success. Kenneth, Kylie, and Alex have all been so helpful and I am actually learning how to market myself online. I made a great choice. Highly recommended.

    thumb Katy Norlin

    5 star review  Agent Elite has exceeded my expectations for my new website! Alex has done a great job of explaining the process and walking me through the learning curve of my new website. Very pleased by my results so far and traffic is picking up each week!

    thumb Rick Rhilinger

    5 star review  Alex Merino is awesome! I so much love my new website & this great team here at Agent Elite. I am not very techie at all. Alec is very patient with me, teaching me how to work and learn how to use my website. They are helping me create my website to my own custom site which is also wonderful. Thank you so much Agent Elite & Alex Merino.

    thumb Daneta K Kealoha-Giordano

    5 star review  I have been working with Alex Merino, who has been absolutely terrific in helping me not only navigate, but maximize the potential of my website and reaching out via social media. I have a lot to learn, and he has the patience of a saint! I always look forward to our next session, so that I can fill him in on what is happening and how he can suggest ways to help me drive business.

    thumb Maureen O'Keefe

    5 star review  I have had several website before, but, this is by far the best. Kylie was great in setting-up my site. Alex is a great coach and teacher. I would highly recommend Agent Elite! Thank you all! Anita Montana Carter

    thumb Anita Montana Carter

    5 star review  Great service and very customer oriented. Knowledgeable and helpful in building and maintaining website. Most of all, they took the time to train me on the website and how to grow my presence online.

    thumb Brian Sutton

    5 star review  Agent Elite has transformed our website to be more user friendly on a mobile platform. Alex has walked us through every aspect of design and editing. The one on one conference calls our essential to seamless integration, instead of sending 100 emails back and forth. Every call is making the website easier to manage and more profitable! www.youpay2 dot com is looking better thanks to Agent Elite. Thanks Alex for all the help!

    thumb Jane M Cooper

    5 star review  Best website I had so far, Amazing Customer Service!

    thumb Robert Ayala

    5 star review  Alex Merino has been a GEM at Agent Elite! He has assisted me in setting up various ways of following prospective buyers. Alex goes WAY above and BEYOND to keep me planting seeds in my real estate business. I know that anyone of these could be the next buyer I work with on a real estate transaction. I love my website now thanks to ALex! Jayne Coley, Equity Trust Realty Homes

    thumb Jayne McCulloch Coley

    5 star review  I've tried a few websites and Agent Elite is the best by far. I love the fact that they are always there to help and train me. I have had 2 leads turn into clients within the past week using what Alex taught me. I am using my website more and building my client base by posting on FB and blogging. Thank you Alex for your wonderful coaching and training!

    thumb Jena Burney Aldridge

    1 star review  Been with it for three months now--nada, zilch, only bogus leads. When I ask for help, I get lectured on my need to spend more money with them. Hmmmm. I smell a rat.

    thumb Bradley Hayden

    5 star review  My experience with Agent Elite has been great! I love the layout design they did for my website. It is very professional and I get comments about the website often. The traffic boost and pushing people towards my website via my postings on facebook, blogging,etc has been the biggest asset and the most important part to me. Alex Merino has been pleasant to work with and easily explains everything and makes it quick to understand and work with. Thanks Alex!

    thumb Casey Garrett

    5 star review  I am glad I found Agent Elite and have recommended them to my broker. I am proud of my website and what it has to offer. Also, it looks so good on mobile devices. Most of all, I am very thankful for the customer service. Josh Coria continues to impress me. He is easy to work with, helpful, funny and most of all knowledgeable and dependable - which is not at all common.

    thumb Erin Wooster Buckalew

    5 star review  Yes! I love my agent elite website (TheButterfieldGroup)! The customer service has been outstanding and the product is awesome. A big thanks to Alex Merino for all of your personalized attention and support with the little tweaks we wanted to make! I have found personalizing the site to be very easy with the wordpress platform as well. Go Agent Elite!! Thank you very much!! We are excited to be working with you.

    thumb Melinda Butterfield

    5 star review  I have been working with Alex. He really gets the job done, and makes sure I know what I am doing and how to get it done.

    thumb Mona Ager Fisher

    5 star review  I am not very tech savy and wasnt sure where to start with a personalized website. A friend recommended Agent Elite. She actually contacted agent elite to renovate her website and told them about me. Alex instantly gave me a call and explained how simple everything could be. Alex has been very helpful with weekly meetings and informing me of things I can do to promote my site and generate leads. Agent Elite was a very good decision!

    thumb Dezurey Garcia

    5 star review  Agent Elite is one of the most helpful and patient web site design and support companies that I have ever worked with! They are getting me out there, and making the process fun and painless.

    thumb Lori Onjukka

    5 star review  I have been with another marketing company for a number of years, with not a lot of support. I switched to Agent Elite about a month ago and their support is awesome. Without knowing exactly how to navigate the site, I already have more leads than I have ever had before. I highly recommend them to any agent wanting to increase their footprint.

    thumb Jimmy Reynolds

    5 star review  Always looking for something new and better to stand out in this crowded real estate market. I have found it with Agent Elite. Over the years I have had several different websites, but this one far exceeds the past. My site coach, Alex Merino has been fantastic. He has guided me into new and better ways to make this site preform that no one ever has. Great site and Great Company. I highly recommend.

    thumb Micah Dufner-Broker

    5 star review  I was very hesitant about changing websites. I had my other site for many years and it seemed to work just fine. Boy were my eyes opened. This new Agent Elite site is heads and tails over any site I've looked at. Alex Merino (my coach for the site) is so helpful. Thank you Alex! I feel like my on line presence is currently on steroids. Love it! I highly recommend this company.

    thumb Cindy Edwards

    5 star review  I have worked with several companies offering similar services, none have provided me with the guidance and level of service I have received from Alex Merino. Alex is patient and methodical...just what I needed to increase my company's image and expand my social media presence. I highly recommend this company to anyone looking to make an impression online.

    thumb Richard Gregory

    5 star review  As a real estate agent you and I probably have a lot in common. I get messages all day long from all kinds of people telling me they're going to be able to save my career. They've several of those calls every day and then all the emails on top of that. It's a major distraction. I've fallen for it a few times. Never has proved to be true… until now. And if you're like me you probably would have already hit the delete button on my message. A fellow named Alex Merino caught my attention one day and I happened to be in the right frame of mind to hear what he had say. I started off by telling them from the get-go that I was not going to be interested but I would listen. Alex, As it turned out, turned out to be quite a good talker. But that is not why am writing to you. I am writing because he actually followed through with everything that he said he was going to do. He said that he would create a customized website for me… He said Agent Elite was different from all of the rest of the ocean of such services… He said that he would teach me how to do what is necessary to be done for me to be able to run my business through this website. He asked me what I wanted in a web page. I told him… he listened. He had constructive comments, but he listened and he followed through. Just like he said he would. I’m amazed. I’m excited to tell you about Alex and about Agent Elite.

    thumb Russell Palmer

    5 star review  We have just joined up with Agent Elite and I can honestly say that Alex has been absolutely awesome! I manage 4 different websites and out of all of them this company has been the most helpful with fantastic outcome! We highly recommend them.

    thumb BJ Brown