Customizing your Website Header

Here is another new way you can personalize your website to your liking! The header is the first thing your visitors will see, so it’s important to have one that fits you and your website very well. You can change styles, colors, add or remove menus and much more. This tutorial gives you a very easy understanding of how your website can be changed to more fit you! Contact us at (866) 808-7711 or visit us at Want to watch more How-To videos? Click here to watch more on our YouTube Channel Want to sign up or need help

Recently Viewed Homes in your Marketing Tool

You can now add a really cool function to your website that allows returning users to easily see their previously viewed properties from any page on your site. Using a cookie set on your user’s browser, we can help your regular users easily find the homes they have been looking at. This is a great way to keep your user base searching for homes and keeping track of the ones they like without even having to think about it! Easy stuff huh? Yup, it’s free too 🙂 Contact us for more information! Want to watch more How-To videos? Click here

Home Evaluation Leads in the Marketing Tools

Using the popup box on the side, it will take the user to the landing page where the user can finish filling out their information to get an evaluation of the address they entered. This is a very valuable tool for ANY real estate agent! We have a added a crazy amount of marketing tools that provide you with a really good chance of capturing leads on your website. Want to watch more How-To videos? Click here to watch more on our youTube Channel Want to sign up or need help setting up a portion of your website? Call us

Craigslist Posting Feature for your Real Estate Listings

Sign up for our Elite Power package and get access to our amazing Craigslist Posting Feature. With our Elite Power package you gt our Listing Page Templates that you can use for all your online and offline advertising. You get some great looking templates that only showcase that one particular listing. When you’re logged into your dashboard, you can simply copy our easy-to-use Craigslist code that we automatically make for you and paste it directly into your Craigslist listing under your Craigslist account. We even provide you with your main image to upload to Craigslist. So Easy! Not only that,

Users Can Easily Send You What Listing They’re Interested In

Automation is important when you’re trying to persuade a user to send you their info. We’ve automatically added the address of the listing into every listing form on your website. This is live as of today. So now, your visitor only has to enter their contact info. Easy stuff! “Just get a little better each and every day”