Sellers Guide is Now Included in your Marketing Tools

Enable and adjust your content for your very own Sellers Guide! This is a great way to market to your visitors without lifting a finger. Complete with a popup form on the front end for your visitors. You’ll also receive your visitor’s information so your can easily contact them. Your visitor will also receive a seller’s guide so hey can gather valuable information in regards to selling their home! A win/win! Want to watch more How-To videos? Click here to watch more on our youtube channel If you ever need help setting up a portion of your website, you can

Users Can Easily Send You What Listing They’re Interested In

Automation is important when you’re trying to persuade a user to send you their info. We’ve automatically added the address of the listing into every listing form on your website. This is live as of today. So now, your visitor only has to enter their contact info. Easy stuff! “Just get a little better each and every day”

Use Market Boost to Focus on Client Benefits

Why did you get into real estate? To help Buyers find their dream homes? To help Sellers prepare their house for sale, then get top-dollar for that sale? Perhaps you are more focused on a niche like vacation homes or luxury homes. Maybe you are an expert in foreclosures and short sales and know how to help those clients in a tough situation. Or maybe you have a military background and became a Military Relocation Specialist so that you could serve active-duty military, veterans, and their families. Whatever your reason, much of building your business has come down to finding

What does a Real Estate Agent need to build a business in today’s market?

If you are trying to build a real estate business, you may have read one of the popular how-to books that purport to tell you how to create your business and be a success. And you may have been surprised (and a little appalled) to see the advice in those pages. Most of the authors sound like they are straight out of the age of gold blazers and glamour shots. Cold Call: block out three hours a day to call strangers and ask them if they might want to sell their home. Or better yet, call all of your friends