3 Summer Real Estate Marketing Ideas

With Summer’s long days and lack of school commitments for families, it is the peak of the seasons for your real estate marketing. Competition is at its highest, however with the tips listed below you will be prepared to dominate your competitors.  There are numerous opportunities to connect with past and future clients in creative ways during this season to help you stand out. Summer Community Events Being involved in the community is favorable for establishing yourself as a local authority. If you’re located on the coast, maybe organize a beach clean up or throw a 4th of July gathering.

4 Tricks For Creating More Shareable Content

Marketers and Agencies are progressively focusing on what matters most: engagement. There’s nothing better than having your content shared. As a realtor, there is no reason you shouldn’t follow this same practice. Listed below are four tips and tricks to help make your content more shareable. 1. Just ask. If you have published something you’re proud of, ask people to share it! When something has impact, you want to stretch that impact by asking. You shouldn’t take the ask for granted, of course. Asking repeatedly for readers to share everything you publish could nullify the importance of anything. 2. Elicit an emotional

7 Steps to Getting Leads as a New Agent

Before explaining how to generate Real Estate Leads for New Agents in Seven Easy steps, Agent Elite would like to formally welcome you into the world of real estate! We know that it can be daunting getting your feet in the water, so without further ado, here are 7 steps to getting real Leads as a new agent. Step 1) You need to understand the source of the best leads. Your sphere of influence (SOI) is the best source for leads.  These are the people you have significant relationships with.  They know you; they like you, and they trust you.

The Importance of a Facebook Business Page

The Importance of a Facebook Business Page Facebook is an excellent resource for keeping in touch with your existing sphere of clients. It can only help you both plug into a large audience of new prospects, and nurture your existing leads. Facebook has a whopping 1.56 billion daily active users as of May 2019. Chances are, you probably already have a personal Facebook page. Now creating a business page can seem a bit nerve-wracking, but it’s actually very easy to create one! As of 2019, the social media giant has more than 80 million small and medium sized business pages. Being free, it

Google’s Top 3 SEO Factors

Happy Monday everyone, Google just recently published their first SEO Mythbusting episode. The Google Web Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt, answered some questions on what the TOP 3 SEO Factors you should focus on are. How Google Selects The Most Relevant Pages This was the first question asked: “How do you know which results are more relevant to a user?” The answer: “We have over 200 signals to do so. So we look at things like the title, the meta description, the actual content that you’ve got on your page, images, links… All sorts of things. It’s a very complicated question