Hey everyone, we have Nick Reis going over our picks for the best CRMs to use as a real estate agent. We highlight four different choices that we have used over the years, and listed some pros and cons to each. Check out the article on our website!

Lead nurturing is one of the most important parts of real estate, and a really good way to lead nurture, is with a CRM.

Agents are always on the search for what is the best out there, what’s going to help them the most. While most CRMs have all the similar tools, it really comes down to what you’re looking for, what you will like, and what you will actually use.

Is one actually better than the other?

Let’s take a look!

1. Top Producer

TopProducer has been around for years, and they’ve consistently stayed on top.

They have several integrations with lead capture sources. And are consistently adding more.

One flaw is the user experience and user interface. They need to bring the platform up to date and make it a little easier to navigate through. The overall graphics and display look like something from 1998.

It could be much easier to navigate through. Simplicity is not Top Producers forte

That being said, they give you everything you would ever need in a CRM.

That can either be a con or a pro depending on how you look at it. Chances are, if another CRM has a certain function, there is a good chance Top Producer also has it. Another plus is that they integrate with just about everything on the market nowadays.

From our experience, most agents either love it, or hate it. Most newer agents tend to stay clear of this one due to the subpar design.


Pricing comes down to $40 a month, which isn’t bad considering everything you get out of it.

The bottom line

Top Producer has been in the CRM business for a long time and you don’t run into as many challenges as some of the others on this list.

Check out Top Producer here: http://www.topproducer.com/

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2. Wise Agent

Wise Agent provides all the features real estate agents would ever need as well.

They offer a lot of the features an individual agent would need in today’s market, as well as a unique layout compared to other CRMs.

If you need a CRM that puts your email, calendar, and tasks all in one place, we recommend you take a look at Wise Agent


It’ll cost you around $29.00 a month..

The bottom line

Wise Agent is another option out there that isn’t a bad choice, while there is nothing that really stands out for us, many agents have found great success with Wise Agent.

Check out Wise Agent here: https://www.wiseagent.com

3. RealtyJuggler

Now, if you’re a new agent on a budget, then this is a great option to start out with and they give you all the tools you need.

They offer a 90 day free trial, which really gives you a chance to dive in and see if you like the platform. You essentially have nothing to lose. Design wise, also like Top Producer, it is a little lacking. Design may not matter to you, because you are the only one who will ever see it!

A strong point is RealtyJuggler’s customer support.

Their slogan is:

RealtyJuggler is an easy-to-use organizer just for real estate agents. We have all the features, without the complexity. If you ever get stuck, we are just a phone call away. Support and training are always free.

And they’re only 179 a year with a 90 free trial. So really, you have nothing to lose. Is it the best? We’ll in regards to design, look and feel. It is what it is, at the same time, are your clients see it? NO.


After a 90 day free trial, it’s only going to cost you $179 a year, which makes this a very safe CRM solution.

The bottom line

The fact that Realty Juggler offers a 90-day trial makes it a strong choice. You pretty much have nothing to lose, because if you don’t like it, it didn’t cost you a thing.

Check out RealtyJuggler here: https://www.realtyjuggler.com/

4. Lion Desk

The last one we want to talk about, is LionDesk.

Lion Desk has very quickly blown up, and that’s because they’ve proven to be the absolute best bang for your buck.

The only downside we can seem to find with Lion Desk, is that it has a little bit of a learning curve.

They offer a supper center, with a ton of videos and walkthroughs that will help get you through that learning curve, but it can be a challenge for the agent’s who aren’t as tech savvy.

They have just blown up! And really, the BEST bang for the buck in my opinion. And really at a starting price of 25.00 a month. The only challenge is, it does take some time to learn. They do offer a support center with videos and screenshots that help with the learning curve, however, it your not tech savvy, you may have some challenges.


At $25.00 a month, it really is the best bang for your buck.

The bottom line

Lion Desk has only been around a few years, but has quickly became a force to be reckoned with when looking at CRMs. Lion Desk also integrates very well with many different website providers, including Agent Elite’s.

Check out Lion Desk here: https://www.liondesk.com

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What Matters Most

It really doesn’t matter which real estate CRM you’re using. All that matters is that you are using a CRM.

It really comes down to how advanced you are, and how you’ll use it. 

Lead nurturing is the key here. You can easily over analyze the choices out there and forget why you’re choosing a CRM in the first place:

To Convert More Leads and Systematically Stay In Touch With All Your Contacts

That’s it.

CRMs have a ton of fancy things to distract you with. But these fancy features aren’t what will pay your bills. You need to choose a real estate CRM that you’ll actually use to stay in touch with people.

if you’re not devoting enough time to lead nurturing, you’re losing a lot of business that would otherwise have been yours. There’s no sense putting a whole lot of focus into generating new leads if you’re not nurturing them once they’ve signed up.

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