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Add the New Mortgage Calculator with Sliders
Sidebar: Add Quick Links Widget with Icons
New Communities Look and Design for your Website
Site Identity: Change your company logo, agent photo etc.
Agent Information: Change your Agent Name, Company Name, Phone, etc.
Header: Change header color, font colors, menu colors, etc.
Site Colors: Change sitewide colors, background, page title colors, etc.
Background Image: Change the main photo on the front page
Front Page Search: Change verbiage, title colors, container colors, text colors, etc.
Featured Listings: Display, hide, or choose your featured listings to show
Communitites: Display, hide, or modify the order
Quick Links: change or add the links on the home page
Footer: change colors, and text color
Footer: Change Colors and Text Color on the footer of the website.
Menu: Change, Rearrange, and add menus
Social Media: Copy and Paste social media links for display