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We get that as a real estate agent, when you first got into the market you only had one thing in mind. Selling homes! It’s likely nobody told you that 80% of your job as a realtor would be learning how to
As everyone is taking more precautions and avoiding unnecessary public contact, it’s important that your marketing strategies adjust during this time. This does not mean that you put your business on hold. Actually, you need to do the opposite, especially being a
Real estate and technology is an ever-changing game. With these changes comes new ways to connect with leads. As we enter 2020, we’re looking at one of the most promising means of communication for agents – Text messaging.        

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  • Agent Elite has been my web hosting provider for almost a year now and I am very happy with the progress my webpage has made.

    I work very closely with the Marketing and Support Team as I am still designing and working on my page. Recently, Joel has been helping me with my Landing Pages and Design help and he has been able to help make my vision into a reality.

    Thank you, Agent Elite. I look forward to our continued service together.

    Jessica L. Avatar
    Jessica L.

    I am lucky to find this platform to host my Real Estate Business. Cameron untiring called me and see what they can offer. I am reluctant at first, but I am glad I signed up with them. The technical team of Ben, Paige and Kyle are extremely helpful. They provided beyond what I expect of customer care. I would like to shout out for Kyle who always making sure I am happy about the functionality and aesthetic of my website. Kyle is always making a call and asking what else I need to put in my website. Agent Elite provided me 3 leads right away after going live. I highly recommend this platform especially for new agents. It cheaper, great quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

    Rechelle D. Avatar
    Rechelle D.

    Joel at Agent Elite was great! We chatted for a long time - he was able to answer my questions and make quick edits to my website. Websites are always a work-in-progress and Joel has been helping me through all the different phases!

    Nick Gervais

    Nick G. Avatar
    Nick G.

    Emily has been wonderful to work with. When I had a question regarding my account she promptly responded with a solution. Besides problem solving and prompt service I also was provided valuable information to help my business grow. Emily is that enthusiastic representative everyone wish they could have on all business and vendor transactions. Great job Emily.

    Bo C. Avatar
    Bo C.
  • Lots of great info that helps me market to my buyers & sellers. thank You Michael Lambert & Agent Elite for all your help!!

    Sue S. Avatar
    Sue S.

    I was not satisfied with my current site for a while, but was not taking the time to look for a new one. Michael Glynn called me one day wanting to tell me about what Agent Elite could do for me and my company. After some time and multiple calls of discussing options, I decided to move forward. Great decision! The site was up and running within 3 days. Emily Knight was assigned to me for on boarding. She did a great job from start to finish. Very knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly. Site looks great. Thanks

    Mike N. Avatar
    Mike N.

    Agent Elite is great! Kyle had my website up and live so fast it looks amazing! He made it look so professional! Everyone I have talked to at Agent Elite has been so nice and responsive. Agent Elite is also running my facebook ads and the results from these have more than exceeded my expectations..... I've finally found my one-stop shop for marketing and I pay 1/3 of what I was previously paying for my marketing every month.

    Michele S. Avatar
    Michele S.

    I have been with Agent Elite for about a month now and I have nothing to say but GREAT and AMAZING things about Kyle and everybody else there. Kyle always responds promptly to any and all of my inquiries and it is so nice to know I don't have to worry about anything ever with my website because Kyle walks me through things and teaches me how I am going to get the most out of my website. I give Agent Elite an A+ and I feel like it's value exceeds it's cost substantially. Thank you, Kyle and Agent Elite I love my website so much!

    Narmeen S. Avatar
    Narmeen S.
  • Michael Lambert and Joel have been awesome to work with. They have been right on time and willing to help in any way they could to ensure my web site was up and running the way I wanted it. I would recommend Agent Elite and those two guys to anyone. Keep up the great work you guys and I look forward to a long relationship.

    Gary B. Avatar
    Gary B.

    I am truly impressed with the quality of support of the Customer Success Team at Agent Elite.

    Since Facebook became the social media craze I have been solicited and signed on with one company after another. They all made promises of turning my real estate business into a self sustaining social media wonder and provide the ongoing support needed to set up the Facebook posts. None of the other companies were able to follow through with their promises.

    For almost a year Cameron called me occasionally wondering when I would be ready to try Agent Elite. He was so patient and courteous I never minded receiving his calls and he finally caught me at the right time and I agreed to sign on.
    Then I was assigned to Kylie who prepared my webpage and she knew exactly how to make my page look appealing and inviting and inserted all the connections for visitors to use. Kylie continued to work on my page until it was exactly what it should be. Come visit me at libbymckee.com.

    Once the webpage was active Michael was appointed to help me begin posting on my business facebook page with links to my listings and to my webpage. With his support on my facebook page I am now looking forward to being able to and knowing how to use the posts to my advantage. Come take a look on Facebook at LibbyMckee Realtor. "Like me" if you agree.

    Libby M. Avatar
    Libby M.

    JOEL MARTINEZ was absolutely the most dedicated and compassionate person I have worked with in many years!!! was very patient and ready to serve all my needs above anything I could ever expect!!!! I have nothing but great things to say about my exceptions of JOEL MARTINEZ and this company!!! What a great BLESSING !!!! I WAS SO BLESSSED THAT I WAS ABLE TO HAVE HIM WORKING ON MY WEBSITE!!!!

    Donna S. Avatar
    Donna S.

    Kyle, what can I say, Your the Man!!! If only Agent Elite or any other company had many more like him!! He did an amazing job with my website. His attention to detail and his ability to listen, then create what you want, is amazing!! Thanks You, Kyle

    Elsa D. Avatar
    Elsa D.
  • Michael R. has been extremely patient and informative and has helped me navigate waters that are uncharted to me. He has opened up a wide range of ideas that will promote my web page and expand my real estate business...Michael is a true value to your company and your customers.

    Pam B. Avatar
    Pam B.

    Michael R Has been very responsive when I needed help with my Facebook Posting. He is extremely patient and knowledgeable.

    Catherine C. Avatar
    Catherine C.

    Brandon at Agent Elite was a great help. He remained persistent in his follow up even AFTER I signed up for the services and I was then slow to follow through on getting info back to him that he needed to get my Website up and running... he wanted me to get what I was paying for and I truly appreciated his time, patience and understanding.

    Tanya F. Avatar
    Tanya F.

    Michael Robards was very professional and knowledgeable about the material that we went over. Thanks, Michael. Looking forward to working with you in the future.

    Mikey D. Avatar
    Mikey D.
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