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We get that as a real estate agent, when you first got into the market you only had one thing in mind. Selling homes! It’s likely nobody told you that 80% of your job as a realtor would be learning how to
As everyone is taking more precautions and avoiding unnecessary public contact, it’s important that your marketing strategies adjust during this time. This does not mean that you put your business on hold. Actually, you need to do the opposite, especially being a
Real estate and technology is an ever-changing game. With these changes comes new ways to connect with leads. As we enter 2020, we’re looking at one of the most promising means of communication for agents – Text messaging.        

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  • Marissa saved the day. My initial impression was not good and I asked to be released from my contract but Marissa took over onboarding for me and now I'm extremely happy I gave them the chance to fix my issues. There isn't anything they didn't take care of or answer. Extremely happy with Marissa and so far with Agent Elite. Lets hope it continues!

    Mary M. Avatar
    Mary M.

    Very impressed with everyone I've encountered at Agent Elite. Thanks to Andrew in sales, Kylie in on-boarding, and Michael R. in technical support/SEO. You've taken my website from the poorhouse to the penthouse. I'm excited excited for prospects to visit my professional website and engage. Great job to the entire team at Agent Elite! 😀

    John F. Avatar
    John F.

    Agent Elite team is doing tremendous job of bringing my website into this century! SO very grateful...

    Judy D. Avatar
    Judy D.

    Always ask for JOEL!! He will get it done.

    Barbie H. Avatar
    Barbie H.
  • Joel from the support department is INCREDIBLE! He tweaked every little detail we threw at him to make our website what we wanted it to be and with a ridiculously fast turn around time. He was extremely patient while I was explaining what we wanted done and he came through. The website is easy to navigate and cost efficient as well. Highly recommend!

    Alex C. Avatar
    Alex C.

    I've been working with Kyle since I signed up. I've used a few different companies similar to this one but I have to say that by far this is the most intuitive and customizable platform I've found. I was set up with Kyle as my CSR and he has been incredibly available and quick to respond to any and all inquiries. I'm very impressed at his knowledge of the platform and what he's done to make my site shine. He's always quick to point out tips and tricks and my customers really love my new site. If there's one thing most sites fail to provide in my experience is customer services and up-to-date tech. Kyle and Agent Elite have helped me find a platform that actually saves me time and money. I'm so thankful that I gave them a chance! Thanks Kyle and Agent Elite!

    Marshall D. Avatar
    Marshall D.

    I just joint this company, after working with different ones, I can say they are very responsive, their services are accurate and they are always here to help. Highly appreciate Kayle, Joel, Brandon’s being extremely helpful!

    Mastura A. Avatar
    Mastura A.

    Marissa J. has gone above and beyond to set my first account with Agent Elite. I really like the program and love the attention she has shown! A winner for sure!

    Joe H. Avatar
    Joe H.
  • AgentElite has been a pleasure to work with, even coordinating with my IT guy with the details he recommended from the backside. They understand what my goals are from a website(hint: it not what everybody else expects from a website). I have worked with a few others in the past 8 years, and I am please with them. Michael was very helpful today in answering my questions.

    Tina M. Avatar
    Tina M.

    Thank You Marissa for your help today getting my new Agent Elite Website up & running!! I’m excited for the future business growth and outreach to new clients!!

    Tina G. Avatar
    Tina G.

    I have been very pleased with the team at Agent Elite. I recently built a web site and while discussing the possibilities of how to implement they gave me some great suggestions. When I sent back the material they requested, they took care of it. I have worked with a lot of companies that can't figure out how to get something done, and Agent Elite employees Briana and Andrea do what it takes to get the job done without any excuses or complications. This has been a great relationship and I am very pleased.

    Jason B. Avatar
    Jason B.

    Agent Elite has been my web hosting provider for almost a year now and I am very happy with the progress my webpage has made.

    I work very closely with the Marketing and Support Team as I am still designing and working on my page. Recently, Joel has been helping me with my Landing Pages and Design help and he has been able to help make my vision into a reality.

    Thank you, Agent Elite. I look forward to our continued service together.

    Jessica L. Avatar
    Jessica L.
  • I am lucky to find this platform to host my Real Estate Business. Cameron untiring called me and see what they can offer. I am reluctant at first, but I am glad I signed up with them. The technical team of Ben, Paige and Kyle are extremely helpful. They provided beyond what I expect of customer care. I would like to shout out for Kyle who always making sure I am happy about the functionality and aesthetic of my website. Kyle is always making a call and asking what else I need to put in my website. Agent Elite provided me 3 leads right away after going live. I highly recommend this platform especially for new agents. It cheaper, great quality and 100% customer satisfaction.

    Rechelle D. Avatar
    Rechelle D.

    Joel at Agent Elite was great! We chatted for a long time - he was able to answer my questions and make quick edits to my website. Websites are always a work-in-progress and Joel has been helping me through all the different phases!

    Nick Gervais

    Nick G. Avatar
    Nick G.

    Michael Lambert with agent Elite is the BOMB! He is Awesome & helped me in so many ways with my business. He always called when he said he would & each phone call was full of great helpful info for all aspects of marketing my business. Thanks Agent Elite & thanks Michael Lambert!!

    Sue S. Avatar
    Sue S.

    Emily has been wonderful to work with. When I had a question regarding my account she promptly responded with a solution. Besides problem solving and prompt service I also was provided valuable information to help my business grow. Emily is that enthusiastic representative everyone wish they could have on all business and vendor transactions. Great job Emily.

    Bo C. Avatar
    Bo C.