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As everyone is taking more precautions and avoiding unnecessary public contact, it’s important that your marketing strategies adjust during this time. This does not mean that you put your business on hold. Actually, you need to do the opposite, especially being a
Real estate and technology is an ever-changing game. With these changes comes new ways to connect with leads. As we enter 2020, we’re looking at one of the most promising means of communication for agents – Text messaging.        
It’s something as simple as it sounds. There is more than one way to reach out. Email, snail mail, phone, text, social, it’s all on the table. The goal is to connect with prospects in different ways in order to stay top

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  • "Great Culture, Productive Working Enviroment, Awesome Coaching/Support" I have been working at Agent Elite full-time for less than a yearProsFor someone who is in sales or has a commitment to master the skill of selling, a sales associate position here at Agent Elite is definitely an option one should HIGHLY consider.

    You will become an evangelist for the product because its the best the industry has to offer. There is a lot of competitors in the space, and having studied most of them, no one can do what Agent Elite does for their clients AND as affordable as we make it. So you'll LOVE what you offer which is important.

    The work enviroment a.k.a culture is top-notch. There's recognition, there's support and encouragement, and its a team/family enviroment. I feel I can voice my concerns without the feeling of getting punishment for feeling/saying the wrong thing. The enviroment is definitely motivating because the grind is hard. So if youre lazy, stay away.

    Last, and certainly not least, the hours and pay is excellent. If you put in the work, you will get what you deserve. Theres base to ensure youre motivated when times get tough (its sales afterall) and the commissions are uncapped. Put in the time and effort to master the skills needed to excel, you can make life changing income working only 7 hours per week.

    One more thing I do want to mention. As sales professionals it is important that you get great leadership and coaching Agent Elite does an absolutely GREAT job at providing that and continues to help me improve my game.ConsMore tools could be provided to become MORE EFFECIENT.

    Current E. Avatar
    Current E.

    "Life Changing in my Career and personal Life" I have been working at Agent Elite full-time for more than a yearProsThe Technology and system we are providing is Top Notch.Compared to other companies we are more affordable and really help Agents achieve what they want to do in there business. We don’t just say this is our platform hope it works. We are a INC 500 Company and You have a full marketing team along side with you every step of the way. On top of that we are able to show Actual Results on a presentation.I could go on but I will leave you with this last statement. Our culture at Agent Elite is my than a 9-5, it’s a Family and once you walk in that door on day 1 you will instantly feel it.ConsReps come in and give up on themselves before they can see there full potential.

    Current E. Avatar
    Current E.

    Excellent to work with! Especially my account manager, Jeno that makes sure everything is right and just how I want it.

    Brandi S. Avatar
    Brandi S.

    5 star ratingGreat company, great customer service! Especially my account manager, Jeno. He makes sure everything is perfect and just how I like it.

    Brandi S. Avatar
    Brandi S.
  • Agent Elite, has provided me with excellent advice on how to increase my online presents and to manage my brand.

    Mark S. Avatar
    Mark S.

    Amazing customer service. So impressed with Sebastian & Kyle and how the whole team has helped me. Raises needed all around!! #happyclient

    Tiffani O. Avatar
    Tiffani O.

    Amazing customer support. They have been there to answer any of my question. They have been extremely helpful with helping me customize my website to the way I want it. I have also had the pleasure to work with Michael Lambert, an amazing supportive teacher / coach he has helped me with my social media marketing and more. I’ve been on board almost a year and love the company and service.

    Aliyah M. Avatar
    Aliyah M.

    Quick shout out to the Agent Elite group, and in particular, Michael Lambert! He has created a beautiful website and helped me establish proven methods to get leads coming into my system. Thank you, MIchael!

    Ron S. Avatar
    Ron S.
  • Michael was a great help. He listened and followed through, and has scheduled to follow up. I am new to Agent Elite, but so far I am pleased.

    Lauri J. Avatar
    Lauri J.

    Michael was great. Was very patient and explained the whole process to me. Right now we are working on how to get my followings up. I know with his help I will be a super star before you know it. Thanks Michael for all your help.

    Gladys W. Avatar
    Gladys W.

    Marissa saved the day. My initial impression was not good and I asked to be released from my contract but Marissa took over onboarding for me and now I'm extremely happy I gave them the chance to fix my issues. There isn't anything they didn't take care of or answer. Extremely happy with Marissa and so far with Agent Elite. Lets hope it continues!

    Mary M. Avatar
    Mary M.

    Very impressed with everyone I've encountered at Agent Elite. Thanks to Andrew in sales, Kylie in on-boarding, and Michael R. in technical support/SEO. You've taken my website from the poorhouse to the penthouse. I'm excited excited for prospects to visit my professional website and engage. Great job to the entire team at Agent Elite! 😀

    John F. Avatar
    John F.
  • Agent Elite team is doing tremendous job of bringing my website into this century! SO very grateful...

    Judy D. Avatar
    Judy D.

    Always ask for JOEL!! He will get it done.

    Barbie H. Avatar
    Barbie H.

    Joel from the support department is INCREDIBLE! He tweaked every little detail we threw at him to make our website what we wanted it to be and with a ridiculously fast turn around time. He was extremely patient while I was explaining what we wanted done and he came through. The website is easy to navigate and cost efficient as well. Highly recommend!

    Alex C. Avatar
    Alex C.

    I've been working with Kyle since I signed up. I've used a few different companies similar to this one but I have to say that by far this is the most intuitive and customizable platform I've found. I was set up with Kyle as my CSR and he has been incredibly available and quick to respond to any and all inquiries. I'm very impressed at his knowledge of the platform and what he's done to make my site shine. He's always quick to point out tips and tricks and my customers really love my new site. If there's one thing most sites fail to provide in my experience is customer services and up-to-date tech. Kyle and Agent Elite have helped me find a platform that actually saves me time and money. I'm so thankful that I gave them a chance! Thanks Kyle and Agent Elite!

    Marshall D. Avatar
    Marshall D.